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About Knovik

Knovik is a global technology company that brings both innovative and timely solutions to its customers through web and mobile applications beyond the seas. Knovik has an expert team of Mobile and Web Developers, UI/UX Engineers, SEO Strategists, and Marketing Specialists and Consultants behind it who makes Knovik and Knivok simply Unique.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich businesses with innovative web and mobile development solutions as well as successful web marketing solutions through successful strategy to grow businesses' market share and thrive in the markets while contributing to the wellbeing of the society, specifically on our journey to bridging the present to the tomorrow

The Journey so far

We developed generic and micro niche products in the 2017. More than $150,000 revenue generated across countries including US and Europe in the first year.
Generic Products
Moved to Mobile Development and App Store Optimization + Search Engine Optimization as the core Marketing Tactic. 1.5M traffic generated with more than 50K downloads on web and App Store environments
Micro Niche Websites with Content Marketing and Affiliate Marketing while utilizing communication channels to establish brand perception and awareness.
Global Pandemic and Lockdowns. Successfully adapted the new normal and trends, and maintained to secure sales and revenue through strategy and innovativeness
We moved with New Global Products and UI, UX Solutions. Sales and leads generated from across the world including US and Europe.
Modern Apps
With the expertise and experience we have, now we undertake Customer Projects. Have helped several clients reach customers globally and boost their sales already.
Delivering Expertise
We established an office as Knivok in Sri Lanka to undertake projects from the South Asian region. So that we could deliver a rest assured adapted services to South Asian business community.
Expansion To South Asia

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